CORDEX-MAIRS-FE "Climate Change Downscaling Simulation and Regional Research Application in Asia" workshop

Both the World Climate Research Programme - Coordinated Regional climate Downscaling Experiment (WCRP-CORDEX ) and Monsoon Asia Integrated Research for Sustainability-Future Earth (MAIRS-FE) serve as platforms and facilitators for coordination and cooperation to foster understanding, knowledge transfer, involving stakeholders and capacity development through research, training, conferences and cooperation initiatives.

CORDEX and MAIRS-FE have jointly co-organized several workshops in the past decade to enhance the information exchange, learning and collaboration across science disciplines in the Asia region and now are taking steps towards hands-on measures to extend and evolve further cooperation between CORDEX, MAIRS-FE and other relevant actors in the Asia regions.

On December 6-7, 2021, WCRP-CORDEX, MAIRS-FE and Future Earth jointly held a workshop on "Climate Change Downscaling Simulation and Asian Regional Research Applications”. This workshop focused on outlining an application to develop the framework for cooperation and networking, including setting up some overarching topics for collaboration, capacity developing/transferring activities and explore opportunities for a pilot study to demonstrate the benefits and use of such a framework/network.

Nearly 50 scientists and representatives from nearly 20 universities and international research institutes around the world participated in the workshop to exchange scientific research outcomes and explore cooperation directions on climate, air, and health issues.

Experts and scholars shared their current research progress and scientific research outcomes in the meeting. Prof. Tong Zhu, Chair of the MAIRS-FE Science Steering Committee and Dean of the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of Peking University, introduced recent research findings and global updates in the field of integrated air-climate-health research. Besides, Prof. Dong-Hyun Cha from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Prof. Qinglong You, Fudan University, Prof. Shuyu Wang from Nanjing University, Prof. Fred Tangang from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Prof. Koji Dairaku from University of Tsukuba, and Prof. Jian Hang from Sun Yat-sen University all delivered presentations in relevant fields.

Air pollution and the global burden of disease

At the meeting, representatives of international research institutions also introduced their research plans and cooperation intentions to explore opportunities for cooperation in the future, including Prof. Zhangcai Qin from the FE Global Secretariat (China), Dr. Giles Sioen and Dr. Ria Lambino from the FE Global Secretariat (Japan), Dr. Iréne Lake and Dr. Ralf Doescher from the CORDEX International Project Office, Prof. Ailikun from Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO), Dr. Charlie Navanugraha from the Center of Excellence for Soil Research in Asia (CESRA), and Dr. Linda Stevenson from the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN). They hope to know more institutions and international research projects, to discover common research areas, and to explore cooperation directions in this workshop. 

Delegates and experts discussed the future cooperation directions of their respective research fields and research plans, and reached a consensus on the joint construction of a cooperative research network. This international workshop is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and international academic exchanges, and promote the active exploration of long-term cooperative relations between multiple institutions and multiple global research projects.