List of Publications

Participating researchers of MAIRS-FE have published below papers related with MAIRS-FE research areas:

Dan Wu, Xunzhou Ma, Shiqiu Zhang*, Integrating synergistic effects of air pollution control technologies: More cost-effective approach in the coal-fired sector in China, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018, Accepted manuscript available online, doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.06.035.

Chen, H., Liang, Q., Liu, Y., & Xie, S., 2018, Hydraulic correction method (HCM) to enhance the efficiency of SRTM DEM in flood modeling. Journal of Hydrology, 559, 56-70.

Chen, H., Liang, Z., Liu, Y., Jiang, Q., & Xie, S., 2018, Effects of drought and flood on crop production in china across 1949–2015: spatial heterogeneity analysis with Bayesian hierarchical modeling. Natural Hazards, 92, 525-541.

Hancheng Dai, Yang Xie, Jingyu Liu and Toshihiko Masui (2018). Aligning renewable energy targets with carbon emissions trading to achieve China’s INDCs: A general equilibrium assessment. In: Renewable & Sustainable Energy, Reviews vol. 82, pp. 4121–4131. 

Hancheng Dai, Yang Xie*, Haibin Zhang, Zhongjue Yu andWentaoWang (2018). Eects of the US withdrawal from Paris Agreement on the carbon emission space and cost of China and India. In: Frontiers in Energy.

Li, Zhaoling, Hancheng Dai*, Lu Sun, Yang Xie, Zhu Liu, PengWang and Helmut Yabar (2018). Exploring the impacts of regional unbalanced carbon tax on CO2 emissions and industrial competitiveness in Liaoning province of China. In: Energy Policy vol. 113, pp. 9–19. 

Qi, Yu, Hancheng Dai*, Yong Geng* and Yang Xie (2018). Assessment of economic impacts of dierentiated carbon reduction targets: a case study in Tianjin of China. In: Journal of Cleaner Production vol. 182, pp. 1048–1059. 

Tian, Xu, Hancheng Dai*, Yong Geng*, Jeffrey Wilson, RuiWu, Yang Xie and Han Hao (2018). Economic Impacts from PM2.5 pollution-related health eects in China’s road transport sector: a provincial-Level analysis. In: Environmental International vol. 115, pp. 220–229. 

Wang, Heming, Hancheng Dai*, Liang Dong, Yang Xie, Yong Geng*, Qiang Yue, Fengmei Ma, JianWang and Tao Du (2018). The co-benefit of carbon mitigation on resource use in China. In: Journal of Cleaner Production vol. 174, pp. 1096–1113. 

Weng, Zhixiong, Hancheng Dai*, Zhongyu Ma*, Yang Xie and PengWang (2018). A general equilibrium assessment of economic impacts of provincial unbalanced carbon intensity targets in China. In: Resources, Conservation and Recycling vol. 133, pp. 157–168.

Xie, Yang, Hancheng Dai* and Huijuan Dong (2018). Impacts of SO2 taxations and renewable energy development on CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions in J ing-J in-J i region. In: Journal of Cleaner Production vol. 171, pp. 1386–1395. 

Yu, Zhongjue, Yong Geng*, Hancheng Dai*, RuiWu, Zhiqing Liu and Xu Tian (2018). A general equilibrium analysis of the impacts of regional and sectoral emission quota allocation on carbon trading market. In: Journal of Cleaner Production vol. 192, pp. 421–432. 

Yang Xiea,b, Hancheng Daic,?, Xinghan Xud, Shinichiro Fujimorib,d, Tomoko Hasegawab, Kan Yie, Toshihiko Masuib, Gakuji Kuratad (2018) Co-bene?ts of climate mitigation on air quality and human health in Asian Countries Environment International 119 (2018) 309–318.


MAIRS-FE contributed in below publications:

NSR Special Issue - Air pollution in China: scientific challenges and policy implications, Guest Editorial, Tong Zhu, Peking University.

UN Environment Report -  Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific: Science-based Solutions , Contributed author and translator, Wei Wan, IPO MAIRS-FE; Reviewer, Shiqiu Zhang, Peking University.

Clean Air Asia Report - China’s Progress on Air Pollution Prevention and Control 2018 & Special Issue – Breakthroughs: China's Path to Clean Air 2013-2017 developed by Clean Air Asia, Co-author and reviewer, Wei Wan, IPO MAIRS-FE.

Oxford Encyclopedia Article- Air Pollution in Selected Megacities. Co-author, Wei Wan, IPO MAIRS-FE ; Reviewer, Tong Zhu, Peking University.